How to achieve a morning workout like a boss by Molly Horne, London Style Active

When the alarm sounds, it’s up to you to snooze or seize the day. While the first option seems more appealing, sleeping in won’t help you reach your fitness goals. You’ve had the night to recharge and rejuvenate, now it’s time to get up, be productive and start the day on the right foot. Early morning workouts take a lot of determination and discipline. Here are my top tips on how to become a morning workout person and smash your gym routine.

Get it done

When your alarm goes off, get moving before you have time for any excuses. This is the perfect case of mind over matter, your body is telling you to move, but your mind is telling you it’s too early. Before you  go to bed, leave your phone on the other side of the room so that when it goes off in the morning, you have to get up. Once you are up you’re halfway  there.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Your body tends to be dehydrated in the morning and is craving water when you wake up. Even if your brain is screaming COFFEE, have a glass of water by your bedside ready to drink in the morning. Drinking water first thing helps to wake up your body and stay hydrated during your workout. You'll feel less groggy, more awake, and ready to hit the gym.

Organise the night before

Even if you have managed to get up early, you don’t want to feel rushed by rifling  through your wardrobe trying to find your gym kit. Lay out your kit the night before, something that will make you feel confident and comfortable; like these gorgeous Blue Leopard leggings and this Bardot Padded Sports Bra. The 4-way stretch fabric ensures long-lasting performance which makes these leggings perfect for running, spinning, HIIT, boxing and so much more.

Book a class

You are more inclined to cancel the gym if you don't have a plan of action. If you struggle to structure your gym sessions, book into a class where you don’t have to worry about a thing. You are also more likely to attend a class because it’s more aggravation to cancel and potentially lose out on your booking fee. If classes fill you with dread, go to the gym with a friend or book in with a personal trainer. You wouldn’t cancel on a friend for dinner, so why treat it any different to working out. These are all great ways to help you complete your morning gym routine and to start your day off  productively.


Molly is a fitness correspondent and creator of London Style Active, where she shares her passion for activewear to help motivate women to feel strong and confident. Molly believes, ‘if you look good you feel exceptional,’ she aims to make an impact to women by embracing the latest activewear trends, sharing her motivational tips and enhancing a positive body image that can be moulded into today’s society.

 Molly Horne in Blue Leopard Leggings

Molly Horne from London Style Active in Blue Leopard leggings

 Molly Horne wearing Blue Leopard Leggings

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