Celebrating International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is a day that champions females everywhere and celebrates our achievements across all areas of society.
As a day dedicated to commending our fellow females and what they are achieving. We at BELLUM, want to give a shout out to some amazing and empowered women in our community.

Cecilia Harris


Cecilia Harris is a PT with 12 years’ experience, providing Personal Training guidance and nutritional advice. Cecilia is the co-owner of ResultsWithLucy which she created with Lucy Mecklenburgh. ResultsWithLucy is an inspirational online fitness platform which boasts over a thousand workouts to try at home and has nutrition plans and recipes as well as live classes to follow too.

We love Cecilia’s motivational live workout videos and her clear guidance on how to get the best results - debunking myths such as doing hundreds of sit-ups to get abs.

We really admire her dedication to helping women feel motivated, confident and happy, as well as feeling empowered with the knowledge on how to work out efficiently - whatever their time constraints or work schedules. 

Cecilia also looks amazing in her PURA Renew Sculpt Bra and Leggings set and her Red Accelerate Bra and Leggings too.

Lauren Steadman


Lauren Steadman is a three-time Paralympian & Rio Silver Medallist, Double World Champion, Six Time European Champion and Elite Para Triathlete to name but a few of her achievements.

As a triathlete, Lauren is a woman after our own heart as Bellum was founded by Jodi Kerschl who is an Ironman finisher and has completed many triathlons.

A woman of MANY talents, Lauren also reached the semi-finals of Strictly Come Dancing - she is an absolute all-rounder and a source of inspiration to women everywhere.

We love Lauren’s feed and her determination to be the best in her field and inspire others. She looks incredible in her Viper X Top and Leggings.

Gabby Allen


Gabby Allen is a pocket rocket powerhouse PT the nation fell in love with watching Love Island a couple of summer’s ago.

Fast forward and Gabby is now a trainer on the online platform Fiit, helping people everywhere get fit and active from the comfort of their living room without equipment.

We love Gabby’s enthusiasm and top workout tips and the way she rocks her Blue Starlight Leggings and Bra. She’s even worn our Turquoise Diamond Luxe on the cover of her new book Shape up with Gabby Allen which gives readers fast food recipes and dynamic workouts.

Gabby is a go-getter making waves in the fitness industry and we salute her!

These are just some of the fabulous females from our Bellum community who are working out and rocking their world in Bellum. Follow their feeds for inspirational content to help you ‘advance with inner strength’ and shop their outfits here:

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