Hi, welcome to the new look Bellum!

When I founded Bellum back in 2015, I wanted to create a line of activewear for women who, like me, expect a lot from their bodies as well as their workout gear. As a health and fitness fanatic and a competitive runner, I was fed up of wearing gym clothes that I felt might help me perform but were boring and lacking in style, or stylish but lacking in support.

When I created Bellum I set about combining the two; all our items come in technically hard-working fabrics, which enable you to perform whilst looking great and feeling confident.

The bold brand name Bellum took its inspiration from the Latin expression ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’. I chose this name because, for me, I interpret this as peace being achieved through mental and physical strength; that battle within yourself to be the person that you want to become.

Since launching Bellum, I have become passionate about helping all women achieve their goals; both mental and physical, which for me, and so many others, is deeply rooted in health and fitness. That’s why, a few years on from the launch of Bellum, I really wanted to bring this mind over matter philosophy more to the foreground of the brand. It is now expressed across our website and social with the new slogan ‘Be Battle Ready’ #BeBELLUM.

Our Bellum mission remains the same; to empower you, the modern woman, to look, feel and achieve your best, in stand-out designs that sculpt and complement the female form.

As strong women, being battle ready doesn’t just mean pushing ourselves to take on the toughest workout. We all face daily battles, be it with our self-confidence, balancing our careers and home life, or just trying get through our daily to do lists! I’m excited to continue build a strong Bellum community of like-minded women, who are empowered and ready to face their battles. I can’t wait to see what you all have to share!

Finally, following the successful launch of our first eco-conscious collection, Pura by Bellum in 2018, I also want to update the look of the brand to complement this range. The Renew Sculpt bra and leggings and Infiniti vest were the first products to be introduced to Pura and these pieces beautifully blend recycled fabrics with demure, luxury style. This year will also see the launch of new pieces, as we continue on our journey to do better by the planet.

I hope you like the new look as much as I do! I love hearing feedback from our customers so please do let us know your thoughts – and don’t forget to get on Instagram using #BeBELLUM and tag us wearing Bellum.

Jodi x



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